Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Brave Nate

Nate celebrated the 4th of July snoozing.  As with most things, the fireworks didn't bother him at all.   Yea, Nate!  Like last week, there were no other major news events since his last blog post, so here are some more pictures of this handsome boy enjoying pet-life!

Outside, standing with Funky, you can really see the difference in their brindle color.  Funky is a regular brindle and Nate is a dark brindle.  Of course, they're both exceedingly handsome :-))


It's hot out here - Nate's an inside boy at heart.

Big gulp!
 Back to his true love... stuffie-mania!

Somewhere... out there...

 Have you ever noticed how the shape of a greyhound head 
is a perfect heart?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Just cute

Not much news over the last week so I'm just going to add some cute pictures.  Nate is TOTALLY infatuated with stuffies now.  I've had to toss 3 in the trash, actually.

The only time he barks now is when it's dinner time and I'm not heading to the kitchen fast enough to suit his empty stomach :-)  He's a vigorous barker then, but once I start fixing the dishes, he's quiet and just watches.  

Nate barking :-))))  Hurry hurry hurry... I'm starving....

Honest - it's just a bark!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Nate and friend

C'mon over here, little stuffie.

I think this looks pretty good.

Nibble nibble

I wuv you :-}

Sunday, June 19, 2011

This and that

Life has become a little ho-hum - no major new milestones.  Well, I did trim and dremel his nails today and Nate was a perfect gentleman. Atta boy!!  

He does have a sore toe, and that kept him from yesterday's M&G, but we're hoping that a little rest will take care of that.

So, here are a few pictures of everyday life with sweet Nate...

Sleeping remains his favorite pastime.

Nate's a little interested in exploring the yard, but much less than other fosters I've had.  He will probably do fine without a yard.

We've all heard about the main advantage of being the "lead dog".  Nate's not a very pushy boy, and a few days ago he discovered another one... whack!!

Greyhound tails are strong!!  On another day... he dodged it :-)  Note that it's the same tail each time  :-\   Ahem, Sting... rude boy.

Nate does bark.  The first two weeks here, he'd bark every night at bedtime... get out of bed and go to the den and bark for 2 minutes, all by himself.  Then he'd go back to bed and sleep the night.  Huh???  I never did figure that one out, but he's pretty much stopped doing it now.  Now, he mostly barks at meal time "Hurry up!  I'm starved!  Feed ME, not them! NOW!!"

I love his eyes.  They're as soft and mellow as he is  :-))

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Oh! So THAT's what they're for!

Nate has discovered the joy of stuffies!

And they make good pillows, too :-)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nate's settling into home-life

Nate's been in pet-life now for just a little over 2 weeks, and he's adjusted to it very well.  His temperament remains polite and gentlemanly but, with the competition of several other hounds, he's now near the front of the line for treats instead of at the back!

He has no real fears or phobias, taking everything in stride.

He rides well in the van:

He's not alarmed with the vacuum cleaner:

He was a little concerned with the gurgling sounds of the coffee brewing over his head while he was having breakfast, but we've worked through that.  Morning coffee is non-negotiable in this house!!!  

Nate sleeps well til around 5:30, and then starts to prowl around.  If I don't let him out, he can't wait and I have something to clean up.  We are working on that  :-))  No photos of that!!!

At M&G's, he's been greyt!  He's a little reserved but not at all shy, and enjoys petting and attention.  He continues to do well with other dogs.

Nate almost roached last night - it was more of a lean - but it's as close as I've seen yet!!

When I leave, I've both crated him and left him loose with my hounds, depending on how long I'm gone.  Nate still crates very easily - walks right in and I reward him with treats.  When I get back, he's always laying down and calm.

When he's crated, he's really by himself since my crates are in a downstairs foster room and my own hounds are upstairs.  He seems fine with that.

When I leave and he's loose with my hounds, I usually still muzzle him - both for his own protection and in case he gets too curious about things in the house.  If it's a very short trip, and he's not muzzled, he's been fine.

Has he ever been bad?  Well, I left a shoe out and he was chewing on it.  That was my bad!!  And he happily relocates small throw rugs to new and more nicer spots :-o

Nate is one sweet boy!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Meet Nate this Saturday!

Nate's going to brave the heat and be at 100 Oaks for part of the M&G on Saturday!

Come out and meet this adorable guy!!  He'll be there between 10-12, and maybe later depending on the heat.